Art creates opportunity for algae education

The project aims to increase awareness and education at a local level, of the importance of Algae (seaweed) on the Port MacDonnell (Ngaranga) coastline in the South East of South Australia.  Highlighting the diverse role and the value algae plays in our marine ecology and community.

Through artist interpretation, research and presentations, permanent information signs will be created and located on the Limestone Coast foreshore.

The Limestone Coast Grassroots Grant allowed local First Nations Elders to be engaged to share cultural knowledge of algae, this was conducted as part of seaweed excursions.


Meet the team

Introducing our dedicated, passionate group of volunteers who spearhead this project:

(Shown - Left to right) Sally O'Connor, Trudi Timmermann, Alysha Herrmann, Tim Stent and Jo Fife.

As well as:  Ken Jones, Michelle Jacquelin-Furr, Tim Rosenthal, Kirsty Ievins, Monica Hart and Ockert Le Roux

Our Exhibition & Events

Secrets of Seaweed - Opening Night

12th April 2024, at 6:00pm

Limestone Coast artists Jo Fife and Sally O'Connor present artworks of diverse materials and approaches in the service of a deeper understanding of the limestone coastline and its seabed ecology, in particular the Bonney Upwelling that hosts the most diverse algae species in the world. (cont.)

Venue:  The Riddoch Arts + Cultural Centre  - Mount Gambier

Secrets of Seaweed - Artist Talk

13th April 2024, at 12:00pm

Using hand dyed and almost entirely gifted, reused and recycled materials, Fife's approach to object making invokes the fragility of our seabed ecology while revelling in the wonders of marine lifeforms. (cont.)

Venue:  The Riddoch Arts + Cultural Centre  - Mount Gambier

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Sally O'Connor Secrets of Seaweed Workshop

Secrets of Seaweed - Workshops


O'Connor, working mainly in painting and printmaking, employs her background in botanical science to take us on a deep dive into the bizarre cellular world of holdfasts, seagrasses and red, green and brown algae.

Venue:  The Riddoch Arts + Cultural Centre  - Mount Gambier

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This project is supported by the Limestone Coast Board's Grassroots Grants program and is funded by the Landscape levy.  The Holdfast Art Project was made possible by the Australian Government's Regional Arts Fund, which support the arts in regional and remote Australia.

Photography: Tim Rosenthal

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